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Encore 2023 Recital 

Welcome to our 18th year dance recital.  All of us at Encore appreciate all of you and we hope you enjoy the show~~Ethi Wright, Gina Smith, Bailie Harvey, Tori Wilson, Elisabeth Hale and Lizzie Branch


‼️Doors open for NON-COMPETITIVE dancers at 4:45PM DRESSED in first costume.  Mrs Gina, Miss Tori and Miss Lizzie will run each routine with them on stage before recital.


‼️Dance Team May begin coming in at 5:00pm but will not run any routines on stage to allow time for noncompetitive students.


‼️Doors open to public at 5:15pm


‼️We begin promptly at 5:30pm


💙Ash Smith will begin recital with a song he will sing.


💗We will then have prayer


💗After the 1st routine of Joyful Joyful, we will then have welcome remarks and recognize our seniors and move straight to 2nd routine in the lineup


💗Please no food/drink in auditorium


💗Please come dressed in your first costume and change quickly, as we move fast


💗Please come backstage 5 routines before your next routine dressed and ready to go, otherwise sit in audience with parent(s) to help with congestion backstage


💗list of dancers and their class is listed after the recital lineup


1.Joyful Joyful- petite- sr comp dancers 

2.Off The Rails- teen level two 

3.Seasons of Love- Sr level two 

4.Confident- Brenley Shipes, Blakelynn Carver 

5.Don’t Stop Me Now-teen level one 

6.Amazing Grace-AnnaLeigh Carter 

7.Sissy That Walk- Olivia Crosby 

8.At The Hop- JR level one 

9.Girl On Fire-Annabeth Hardee 

10.Doves Cry-Lizzie Branch 

11.BFF-level one minis 

12.Scars to Your Beautiful- Blakelynn Carver 

13.A Million Dreams- Julianna Brantley 

14.Fred And The Beverly Hilltappers-SR level two

15.For What It’s Worth-teen and jr level one 

16.Baby Face- preschool dance class (tap shoes)

17.I’m Cute- Kayzlee Branch 

18.Toms Diner- Alyssa Sunmerall 

19.Singing In The Rain- Lizzie Branch, Anneigh Carter 

20.Dance With Somebody- Jaden Dubberly 

21.Never Fully Dressed- petite level one 

22.It’s All About Me- Raelynn Todd 

23.Bridge Over Troubled Water-Abby Henderson 

24.ROCKIN Robin- mini level one 

25.Imagine- Laney Nencioni 

26.Cup Song- Anna Watts 

27.Together We Will Live Forever- Abby

28.Henderson, Brileigh Bagley 

29.Crocodile rock- 7- up dancers (tap shoes)

30.Little Bitty Pretty One-petite level one 

31.Getting Good At Being Bad- Ava Leigh Melton 

32.The River Takes All- teen and SR level two 

33. Being Dead Thing- Logan Parker, Kenlee Ardery 

34.How Bad Can I Be- 5-6 yo dance class (tap shoes)

35.Brother- Jaden Dubberly, Jordan Lege 

36.Superstition- Lizzie Branch, Savanna Taylor 

37.It’s Party Time- Ella Kate Ball

38.Beauty and the Beast- preschool dance class (ballet shoes)

39.What Else Can I do- Avelin Igou 

40.Sixteen Tons-Brileigh Bagley 

41.Sir Duke-level one teens 

42.Sing a Rainbow- level one JRs

43.Brand New- Lizzie Branch 

44.Dance In The Dark- Aubrey Collions 

45.In love with a monster- AnnaLeigh Walling 

46.What’s My Name- Heather Wainwright 

47.Route 66- 7- up dancers (jazz shoes)

48.Best Friend-Brileigh Bagley, Savanna Taylor 

49.Killer Queen- Lizzie Branch, Abby Henderson 

50.Born This Way- 5-6 dancers (jazz shoes)

51.Heart Cry- Emily Emory 

52.Valerie-Logan Parker 

53. Vienna-Sophie Bird

54.Ophelia-Jordan Lege


💗PRESCHOOL DANCE CLASS (non competitive)

Ella Altman

Aubrey Barber

Aubree Barnes

Evie Brantley

AddyClaire Cauley

Zuri Hall

Aria Harris

Lily Lovett

Elli Brooke Pearce

Autumn Smith

Emersyn Stone

Harper Sweat

Evie Whitaker



💗5-6 YEAR OLD DANCE CLASS (non competitive)

Piper Arnold

Kayzlee Branch

Emmerson Flowers

Zoey Hall

Eliza lgou

Laekyn Lovett

Madilyn McMillan

Mia Mobley

Harper Taylor

Raelynn Todd

Aubree Walker

Linley White

Elizabeth York


💗7 and UP DANCE CLASS (non competitive)

Bixlei Bargstadt

Olivia Carter

Jasie Crosby

Paislee Davis

Alex Jayde (AJ)Graves

Ann Johnson

Lillian Mayers

Leila Russell

Finlee Sikes

Crosby Jean Wiggins

Remlee Yawn





Ava-Leigh Melton

Presley Ogden

Caroline Swinson

Ali Beth Todd



Ella Kate Ball

Juliana Brantley

Blakelynn Carver 

Aubrey Collins

Cason Cranford

Annabeth Hardee

Avelin Igou

Brenley Shipes

Heather Wainwright

Annaleigh Walling



Emily Emory

Haleigh Grace Maxey

Laney Nencioni

Anna Leila Watts



Kenlee Ardery

Bristol Bagley

Carrington Jordan

Logan Parker



Brileigh Bagley

Sophie Bird

Lizzie Branch

Reece Branch

Annaleigh Carter

Olivia Crosby

Jaden Dubberly

Abby Henderson

Chloe Jordan

Jaden Pearce

Harley Steedley

Alyssa Summerall

Savanna Taylor


SOLOIST (competitive non-team)

Jordan Lege

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