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We offer tumbling classes for all skill levels.  Skills in a particular level broken down into Basic, Advanced, and Elite.

  • Basic skills are the foundational skills required to advance to the next level (e.g. Level 1 basic skills – Round Off (RO), Handstand, Forward roll, etc.)

  • Advanced skills are not required to advance, but are expected of all-star cheerleaders (e.g. Level 1 advanced skills – Front Walkover (FWO) RO, Back Walkover (BWO)+, etc.)

  • Elite skills are the most advanced for a level. Not required but highly recommended for all-star cheerleaders (e.g. Level 1 advanced skills – FWO-FWO RO Back Extension Roll BWO.Typically advanced combinations)


We establish progressions for each level.  Handstands come before cartwheels, cartwheels before round offs, etc.  Basic through advanced can be worked for each level.  Kids who progress fast can start on the elite skills while others are working advanced.  While all may not “get” the advanced skills, they will have at least been introduced and drilled on them.

Skills are taught using stations for working drills.  We try to break skills into at least three parts, and then drill the parts. 

In general, we combine two skills and work at the same time.  Like work cartwheels and backbend kick overs together, and front back handsprings/tucks.   This is done to prevent burnout and work front and back tumbling together.

Level 1

Basic Skills:

  • Handstand (HS)

  • Forward Roll (FR)

  • Backward Roll (BR)

  • Cartwheel (CW)

  • Round Off (RO)

  • Backbend Kickover (BKO)

Advanced Skills:

  • Back Walkover (BWO)

  • Front Walkover (FWO)

  • Handstand Forward Roll

  • Cartwheel Back Walkover

  • BWO + BWO

  • FWO + FWO

Elite Skills

  • Back Extension Roll

  • Round Off ½ Turn + Forward Roll

  • Other elite level 1 combination

Level 2

Basic Skills:

  • Back Handspring (BHS)

  • Front Handspring (FHS)

  • ROBHS+

  • T-Jump BHS

  • BHS pause BHS

Advanced Skills:

  • BWO + BHS

  • FWO + FHS


  • BHS Step Out

Elite Skills:

  • Back Extension Roll BHS

  • BHS Back Extension  Roll


  • Other Elite Level 2 Combination

Level 3

Basic Skills:

  • ROBHS Back Tuck

  • Punch Front (PF)

  • RO Tuck

  • Toe Touch (TT) BHS

  • Standing BHS Series

Advanced Skills:

  • TT BHS Series

  • 3 Jumps to BHS

  • Aerial

  • ¾ Front

  • FWO ROBHS Tuck

Elite Skills:

  • 3 Jumps to BHS Series

  • Aerial ROBHS Tuck

  • PF to ROBHS Tuck

  • Other elite level 3 combination

Level 4

Basic Skills:

  • Standing Tuck

  • ROBHS Layout

  • Standing BHS Tuck

  • RO Layout

Advanced Skills:

  • ROBHS Whip Thru to Tuck

  • BWO BHS Tuck

  • Front Aerial

  • Cartwheel BHS Tuck

  • Cartwheel Tuck

  • Standing BHS Layout

  • PF Tumble Out

  • FHS Punch Front

  • TT BHS to Tuck/Layout

Elite Skills:

  • 3 Jumps BHS to Tuck/Layout

  • Standing Whip Thru to Tuck/Layout

  • Whip Whip

  • ROBHS Whip Thru to Layout

  • FHS Punch Front Thru to Layout

  • Other Elite Level 4 Combination

Level 5

Basic Skills:

  • ROBHS Full

  • TT Back Tuck

  • Standing BHS Full

Advanced Skills:

  • 3 Jumps to Back Tuck

  • TT BHS Full

  • Arabian

  • 1 ½ Full

  • PF Thru to Full

  • Whip Thru to Full

Elite Skills:

  • Double Full

  • 3 Jumps BHS Full

  • Standing Full

  • CW Full

  • Full Thru to Full

  • Arabian Thru to Full

  • Other Elite Level 5 Combination

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